The 3+1 Plan

The 3+1 Plan

Brett Alergre-Wood
Date Finished
Sep 26, 2020

🚀 The Book in 3 Sentences

  1. The book is a decent guide and shows you how you can utilise properties to have a “secure” pension, without having to worry about it too much, following a set and forget strategy
  2. The ideal investor has at least 4 properties (3+1) one being the house that you use to live in, but it can go up to 7 or even 10 properties, once one is experienced enough
  3. By the time you are finished with the book you will have a pretty good understanding of how to “make it” in the property market

🎨 Impressions

The book relies heavily that house prices will always go up, double every 10 years, that things won’t change, that the housing market is stable and makes it their main income.

You still need a lot of capital to get into the property market and use it as a income when you retire.

It makes a good point that you should not go into using properties as a source of income until you have a sufficient buffer of money.

He makes a note how you should create a company where the money will flow into for tax purposes.

Discipline and planning is the main thing we should have before investing into properties.

How I Discovered It

A friend recommended the book in 2020 when I asked him about which finance books (related to properties) he has to recommend, given that he has multiple properties.

Who Should Read It?

Anyone who is looking to buy a property, even if not to use as an investment.

It is a must read for anyone who will be looking to get into buy to let properties.

☘️ How the Book Changed Me


How my life / behaviour / thoughts / ideas have changed as a result of reading the book.

  • Investing in properties is hard and complex to do properly, a lot of people just jump into it, going into debt and end up having to sell at a loss
  • It showed me how debt is not a bad word, we can utilise debt to earn money, as long as we are careful and have a big enough buffer just in case bad things happen
  • I should put more money a side so I can get to property investment
  • Focus more on using OPT (Other People's Time) and OPM (Other People's Money)
  • Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. Do not buy without a discount!

✍️ My Top 3 Quotes

  • I believe discipline is something that is more important than capital. If I were asked the one characteristic that separates success from failure, rich from poor, it would be discipline. Discipline over all else.
  • As a society we attach so much negative emotion to this word 'debt.' So the first thing I do is drop the word and replace it with 'capital'. Successful people use capital to build wealth.
  • Most people are primarily motivated by two things: the desire to increase pleasure and, the desire to avoid pain.