New OS Setup ft. Elementary OS

New OS Setup ft. Elementary OS

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New OS Setup ft. Elementary OS

Jan 8, 2017

I ditched Hackintosh. The update to the newest whatever mountain name they used this time broke a lot of things and I wasn’t feeling attracted to OSX anymore….

I reverted back to dual boot. Windows and Linux.

But I am no longer using Fedora 24 or Korora. And no, I haven’t updated to Fedora 25. The reason? At work I use Ubuntu, and any of you who used different distro bases at home and at work know where I am leading with this.

The number of times I entered dnf in Ubuntu and apt in Fedora is

I couldn't stand it anymore.

So the search for a new distro has started. Again. Yay…

My criteria for a good distro:

  • Stable, Ubuntu based
  • Works well with my Lenovo y50
  • It has to be pretty with nice animations ヽ( ★ω★)ノ
  • Good dark theme support

After trying Unity (eck), GnomeKDE Neon, all of which failed in one or more of the criteria, I landed on Elementary, which had it all, with a bonus – the subwoofer works out of the box!

Out of the around 15 distros tested on my laptop, none has been able to enable the subwoofer to work without tinkering. It is grayed out and set to minimum, but hey, it works 🙂

The only problem I faced was that the graphics drivers seem to be a bit messed up. I had bad screen tearing in Chrome, but that can easily be fixed with replacing the drivers with the Updated and Optimized Open Graphics Drivers.

All other tweaks and software I installed can be found here in case you wish to use my configuration 🙂

Cover Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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