Book Notes: Make Time

Book Notes: Make Time

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Book Notes: Make Time

Sep 4, 2020

  • Authors: Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky
  • Type: Non-Fiction
  • Genres: Productivity, Philosophy, Life Advice
  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

🚀 The Book in 3 Sentences

  1. We live in a world where everything is fighting for our attention, and most of us are losing the battle
  2. We can't wait on governments and tech companies to create rules and regulations on how we should use technology, if we want to get back our attention we must take action
  3. The book is like a cookbook, you are not meant to read it from start to finish, instead you are suppose to try specific tips and see if they stick, if they don't try another one

🎨 Impressions

The book was OK, they didn't mention anything revolutionary that hasn't been mentioned already by various Youtube videos or blogs I read over the years.

I can see it being life changing for some, but for me it was just a nice reminder of how hard it is to not be distracted and live in the moment in the modern world which happens to be filled with distractions.

How I Discovered It

I discovered it via Ali Abdaal's youtube channel where did a quick review and recommended the book.

Who Should Read It?

People who are looking to take control of their time, who are addicted to social media, who get distracted a lot with the world of distractions we live in.

☘️ How the Book Changed Me


How my life / behaviour / thoughts / ideas have changed as a result of reading the book.

  • There is a lot of good quotes I can use in future productivity posts
  • It made me add a reminder that my short term tasks need to match my long term goals
  • I wouldn't say the book changed how I live, the coffee section had some interesting bits in it tho
  • I need to try and remember to use the word "because" more, this book showed the importance of it through a study

✍️ My Top 3 Quotes

  • Whenever you begin a project, your brain is like a computer starting up, loading relevant information, rules, and processes into your working memory. This “boot up" takes time, and you have to redo it to a certain extent every time you pick up the project.
  • You can't wait for companies or government regulators to give your focus back. If you want control, you have to redesign your own relationship with technology.
  • Fine-Tune Your Days with the Scientific Method 1. OBSERVE what's going on. 2. GUESS why things are happening the way they are. 3. EXPERIMENT to test your hypothesis. 4. MEASURE the results and decide whether you were right.

Cover Photo by Isaac Li Shung Tan on Unsplash

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