Importance of Regular Reviews

Importance of Regular Reviews

Apr 15, 2021

  • Definition of Entropy
  • How we should avoid the above with regular cleanups, weekly, monthly, yearly
  • Life is chaotic, constantly moving forward in changing. As with anything in life, if we don't put in a system for what we care, it will turn into chaos (like that one drawer you put everything in and clean once every few years)
  • Direct Rebound Effect and Productivity
  • Personal Use
  • Work Related

Everything is so complex these days, in the modern world, we have so much admin to worry about (in no particular order): jobs, relationships, house/flat, finance, pets, kids, electronics (laptop, phone), online profiles.

If we don’t have a process set up to review, categorise, delete items that relate to the above, we will just end up with endless clutter, it will take us ages to find an item that is needed at that particular time…

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