What WoW Taught Me

What WoW Taught Me

Apr 15, 2021

I have been playing a bit more games recently and I realised something, playing WOW during my teens thought me a lot

When i was a teenager I had an addiction, and it was wow,

  • How it was popular with my friends

I was pondering the other dya and thinking about my days of playing World of Warcraft and the influence it might have had on me...

This is gonna get strange, I will try and relate stuff from WoW to my current situation working as a DevOps Engineer???

  • auction house, money
  • daily quests, how small things accumulate over time
  • reputation, doing things for people gains trust
  • leading dungeons and raids, how hard it is to manage people
    • different classes are different types people and how you need a mix of personalities to achieve goals
  • addons/macros were just tools to increase dps/hps

This was strange, but fun, maybe I will more of these types of posts in the future, who knows

Cover Photo by NAME on Unsplash

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